Through Income Share Agreements, Leif bridges the gap between students and opportunities — increasing student access to educational programs.

Drive Greater Enrollment

As of 2018, the cumulative debt burden of student loans is over $1.5 trillion. The cost of higher education has become prohibitively expensive and the burden of student debt is overwhelming. We envision open access to education for everyone and believe in the power of Income Share Agreements (ISAs) to drive enrollment and foster student success.

Quality education does not have to be financed with decades of debt unaligned with student outcomes. We partner with schools of all types that offer training for today’s critical skills, across diverse fields of study and career paths.

Leif designs, manages, and offers financing solutions for ISA programs that align the interest of the school with the interest of the student. From program conception, student education and communications, all the way through the final ISA payment — Leif is by your side and incentivized by the success of your student.

By removing the barriers to financing and pursuing education, Leif allows more students to pursue their desired path. Income Share Agreements bridge the gap between students and a brighter future – providing a greater numbers of students access to your program.

Implement an ISA Program

Trying to manage ISAs in-house is difficult.

Legal, compliance, fraud prevention, income verification, seamless communications, and payments — just to name a few — are non-trivial tasks.

Schools can focus on their core competency while Leif handles the rest.

Have an existing ISA program?

For schools that have already implemented an ISA program in-house, Leif can manage it more cost-effectively.

Leif can also arrange financing for already-originated ISA contracts, providing valuable liquidity to schools for instructional activities, capital investments, and student acquisition.

All-in-One Solutions

Implementation & Management

Seamless implementation and management of your ISA program using Leif’s best in class platform.

Scalable Financing Solutions

Leif provides deep access to versatile capital markets solutions for financing your ISA program.

Regulatory Consulting

We work with you to design your ISA program and always ensure you are kept up-to-date on the latest regulatory guidelines and updates.

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