Brick and mortar and high-quality online schools that provide post-secondary education are the fulcrum by which the skills-based economy leverages human capital. They occupy a vital role within the educational landscape and the economy at large. Leif can help them reach more people.

  • Leif can design and implement ISA programs that align the interest of the school with the interest of the student.
  • Leif manages and services the ISA contracts on our platform.
  • For schools that have already implemented ISA programs, oftentimes Leif can manage and service the ISA contracts more cost-effectively than the school can in-house.
  • Sometimes schools that have implemented their own ISA program and have originated ISA contracts do not want to hold the contracts for their entirety. Leif will purchase school-originated ISA contracts, thereby providing vital liquidity to schools for CapEx, marketing, and student acquisition.

Our dashboard lets you create ISAs and manage student incomes and repayments.

Start engaging your students with ISAs