Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies work on behalf of their clients to find people with the proper skills and experience to fill a position. As the number of jobs requiring skilled work in the US economy increases, staffing agencies are experiencing increasing difficulty finding a sufficient supply of trained and qualified people for their clients. This is especially the case in fields such as computer programming, data science, bio-tech, pharmaceutical, and robotics. To counter the deficient supply of qualified people, staffing agencies are increasingly developing in-house the skills training programs that will provide a steady stream of candidates. Leif helps staffing agencies bring more value to their clients.

  • Leif can design and implement ISA programs that lower barriers to people entering the staffing agency’s training programs.
  • All businesses are constrained by liquidity availability. As staffing agencies compete to bring more value to their clients by offering skills training programs in-house, they are sometimes limited in their ability to implement training programs due to limited working capital. Leif can provide this capital at competitive rates.
  • Because staffing agencies traditionally have little to no experience managing students, they also have little to no experience managing income collection of students. Leif solves this with its automated platform.
  • For staffing agencies that have already implemented ISA programs, oftentimes Leif can manage and service the ISA contracts more cost-effectively than the agency can in-house.

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