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Leif manages and funds Income Share Agreements for schools.

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We believe in the power of income-based funding to drive student enrollment.

Income Share Agreements are changing the way students pay for school.

Your school transforms lives, but it's a big investment for students. Remove the barriers to accessing your program by allowing students to pay for school with Income Share Agreements.

Implement an ISA Program

Trying to manage Student ISAs in-house is difficult. Verifying identity, running credit evaluations, checking income, and collecting payments are non-trivial tasks. With Leif, schools can focus on their core-competency of teaching and let Leif worry about the rest.

Access Deep Funding

While the yields to ISAs can be high, schools need access to capital to grow. Leif funds ISAs that meet our investment criteria. For ISAs that do not meet our investment criteria Leif enables schools to sell to outside investors. Whether ISAs are funded by Leif or outside investors, the Leif platform facilitates seamless management and tracking of financial data.

ISA Funding In Practice

ISA programs change the way students view your program. Price is removed and the course is framed in terms of the value it provides.

The Old Way

MSc Computer Science
$20,000 in Debt to fund tuition

Modern ISA Funding

MSc Computer Science
No Tuition, pay 17% of income for 2 years

Onboard students quickly with Instant ISA Origination

We send students a link of your ISA contract, verify identity, and offer seamless payment solutions.

Manage Your ISAs

Our dashboard lets you create ISAs and manage student incomes and repayments.

Leif's dashboard allows you to view and manage your ISA contracts effectively. Observe incomes, employers, and repayment history to track which programs are offering the most value for investment.

Increase Student Enrollment

Going to an ISA model can increase the desirability of your program by removing some of the risks to students.

Unlock capital to grow

By utilizing ISAs on our platform, access capital to expand your program while managing cash flow.

Easy to customize

Fit your ISA program to the objectives of your school. Customize the ISA contract to fit your needs directly on the platform.

Make your School stand out

Income-based payment aligns your interests with the students.

As of 2017 the cumulative debt burden of student loans is over 1.4 trillion dollars. The cost of traditional 4-year higher education has become nearly prohibitively expensive for all but the wealthiest or those most willing to take on burdensome private and federal student loans. This does not have to be. For the school that offers the skills training that leads to the most in-demand and highest paying jobs in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (S.T.E.M.) fields, and who believe that an education should not have to be financed with decades of debt, Leif will be a partner in the realignment of educational cost with value.

"It comes out of my salary...I don’t even notice it. You don’t have to pay anything unless you are earning a certain amount of money, and I think that benchmark is fair as well."

Jo B., Student

Start engaging your students with ISAs