We believe that by understanding how people think, we can help improve lives.

Leif is an educational social enterprise founded in 2016. Educational infrastructure is experiencing a paradigm shift. With the increasing unaffordability of 4-year Bachelor degrees and the simultaneously increasing prevalence of high quality online education, there is a wonderful opportunity to provide in-demand skills at relatively low cost. With the emergence of a plethora of schools and staffing companies offering skill training for the 21st century, Leif and Income Share Agreements are the 21st century answer for financing skills training.

We are innovating by not investing in traditional schools. That infrastructure is far too expensive. We are investing in high-technology, online and in-person educational programs that allow students to be educated at a fraction of the cost of traditional 4-year schools. This not only drives our returns but changes the underlying efficiency of the system. We are investing in the future of education, not the past. This drives competitive returns and positive outcomes for students and society.